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New Ice Makers Easy On The Environment


The new generation of Ice flakers are now available for operation on R744  (CO2) and the performance is better than ever.

One of the advantages of installing a new CO2 refrigeration system is that they can now be coupled to a Grant Ice flaker head, imported by Sydney bases Coast distributors. The new CO2 models are available in capacities as small as 400kg per 24 hours and go up to 5000 kg per 24 hours and beyond.

The new models use the familiar rotating ice scraper and a fixed evaporator, which remove the need for  the mechanical seal that some of the competing brand require.

They also use a Direct expansion evaporator which is easy to control and provides easy installation into an existing low temperature system.

The new models also recover any water that is not frozen during the ice building phase and return it to the water supply tank , where is mixes with the incoming water, and pre-cools the water prior to freezing.

The control system controls the water flows, drive motors, level switch and takes care of the required start and stop delays for trouble free operation.

Carbon dioxide is particularly well suited to ice maker applications due to its high density and very low flow rates. Typical low temperature CO2 refrigeration system have been proved to be in excess of 20% more efficient than conventional Freon type systems, and Ice makers provide an ideal base load for a common refrigeration circuit.

One of these new Ice heads has now been installed into the new green refrigeration training centre at Western Sydney institutes “Green Hub” building at the Nirimba campus, and is now available for training our next generation of refrigeration technicians in this new technology.

The growth in interest on CO2 refrigeration system has taken a big step forward in recent years with the major corporate supermarket chains and a number of warehouse and distribution centres now specifying CO2 as the low temperature refrigerant in their site.

The new training system is coupled to a new CO2 refrigeration condensing unit designed and installed by Strathbrook Industrial Services. The new system also supplies cooling to a selection of food retail display cases, a freezer room, chiller room, cool room, production preparation room and the Ice maker.
In this case the system also has an ammonia system that cools the CO2, and provides a second training platform for the industrial ammonia sector.

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