Warm Glycol Floor Heating

Warm glycol floor heating has been around for a long time in commercial buildings such as airports and shopping malls, but have recently been introduced into the cold storages industry with great success.  The specially designed pipe network replaces conventional electric heater matts.  Once is inserted under the freezer room slab floor the gentle heat prevents the sub floor from freezing.



All rooms that operate below zero degrees Celsius require some form of under floor heating, and the warm glycol system recovers waste heat from the refrigeration system and warms a non freezing glycol to maintain constant sub floor temperatures.  This glycol is then pumped through small diameter plastic tubes laid out in a grid under the floor insulation.  This system can be used to great effect if you don’t have the space for large diameter air tube systems and uses much less energy than a conventional electric system.

Electric floor heats are basically big electric blankets, that once installed they remain powered up for the life of the room.  The energy consumption can be significant.

Before you commit to an electric floor heater system, ask for the estimated power consumption of the heaters over the life time of the room.  The accumulated costs may surprise you considering most system owners don’t even know they are paying to operate them.

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