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Strathbrook Industrial Services

Strathbrook Industrial Services wins Best Refrigeration Project Award!

The recently completed F Mayer imports project has won the national  ARBS  Award for Outstanding Refrigeration Excellence Project for
2011 and 2012. 
The project features an environmentally friendly  R134a / R744 (CARBON DIOXIDE ) refrigeration system including heat recovery, the newly developed warm glycol defrost system and cool glycol under floor heating systems.

Details of the project and be found on this site.

The Strathbrook Group offer a wide range of natural refrigerant cooling and heating systems.  We offer a design and construction service for environmentally friendly systems, that operate on a wide range of working fluids and refrigerants.  These systems are individually tailored to each site, and with the specific design features that achieve the targeted needs the client has expressed an interest in.

These targets can be power consumption reductions, elimination of specific refrigerants or groups of refrigerants from the site, the ability to promote a green credential, or just simply a system that achieves the cooling or heating result in a reliable way.

With a carbon price being introduced in the near future, the selection of the correct refrigerant will have a significant effect on the end users exposure to the carbon pricing over the life of the systems.

Commonly used refrigerants such as R404a and R507 have very high global warming potential and are very damaging to the environment
if released from the system, and will therefore attract very high carbon taxes when replacement gasses are purchased.

Equally important, is the energy efficiency of the various gases available to the industry.
As all gases are not created equal. In many cases we are finding clients are being offered discounts to use systems with refrigerants with high global warming potential, as the contractors have not invested in developing the technology in house to offer the more energy efficient natural refrigerants such as Carbon dioxide and Ammonia.

       Our approach is to look at each project on its merits and offer the most appropriate solution, or a range of solutions for the client to choose from.

Features like freezer room Warm Glycol Defrosting, and Under Floor Heating can save significant amounts of power and deliver much better projects with payback periods of under two years.

A critical charge Ammonia water chiller for example can be twice as energy efficient as a Freon system, and can be installed with refrigerant charges much smaller than conventional systems.


Contact or Email Strathbrook Industrial Services before you commit to your next project to see what options you have, and how much the different technologies can save you and what the pay back periods may be.

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